About Us

Let It Grow Farm was founded in 2010 with a plot of land, some pocket change, and a bit of know how. Our mission is to produce great tasting, healthy produce with minimal impact on the environment. All of our produce is grown sustainably at Larison’s Turkey Farm, a historic landmark in Chester, New Jersey as well as a satellite location in beautiful Pohatcong Township. By using minimum tillage, bio-intensive practices and never using GMO seed each year our soil becomes richer.

In addition to growing a multitude of produce, we raise chickens, and have our own line of specialty items made using our own produce. Our “Farm-to-Jar” products consist of jellies, jams, raw honey, marinara sauce, hot sauce, and salsas.

In 2018 founder Josh Chaffee partnered with fellow farmer Morgan Hess. Both students of Elliot Coleman’s New Organic Grower and Jean Martin-Fortier’s Market Gardener, their partnership is based upon a mutual passion for growing gourmet quality produce for the Morris County area.

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Let It Grow Farm
2 W Main St Chester, NJ

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P.O. Box 127
Chester, NJ 07930